Owing to the need of real estate market in Saudi Arabia and our vision to establish a company specializes in real estate valuation, we, thus founded Value Experts® in 2015. With vast real estate expertise, it is accredited by “Saudi Commission of Real Estate Valuators” and have a valid valuation license. “Value Experts” has the full capacity to conduct real estate valuation in all major cities of KSA (Riyadh / Jeddah/ news / Mecca / Medina / Qassim / Tabuk / Khamis Mushayt / Jizan). Through trained human capital weare capable to serve the interest of our client in better way. In addition, our alliances with specialized International real estate valuation companies enables us to serve you beyond the boundaries.

We provide valuation for the following circumstances:

  • Buying and selling
  • Real estate disputes
  • Insurance
  • Funding
  • Registration of assets in the financial statements (budgets)
  • Merge or separate companies
  • Dividing the inheritance.
  • IFRS

Our Services

  • Residential Valuations
  • Commercial Valuations
  • Solutions For Lenders & Servicers
  • Solutions For Investors
  • IFRS

Providing accurate residential valuations requires both incisive knowledge of local markets and strong process-based quality control to eliminate errors.

Valuexperts provides commercial and multifamily property valuations for a variety of commercial properties including apartment buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings and more. Our clients include major banks as well as pension fund managers, insurance companies and rating agencies. We offer a number of different products to meet the needs of these diverse clients, including form and narrative appraisals as well as appraisal reviews and reconciliations.

In this continually changing mortgage lending and servicing environment, Valuexperts offers what it always has — an unwavering commitment to quality. For lenders, this means improved compliance, better lending decisions and greatly reduced buy-back risk. For servicers, our commitment to quality delivers improved decision-making for loss mitigation decisions and portfolio due diligence.

For Institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity, Valuexperts offers a comprehensive suite of valuation products that improve decisioning and help reduce risk exposure. Whether purchasing individual assess or portfolios of loans, Valuexperts’s quality and speed mean you get the accurate information you need quickly and cost-effectively.

At Value Expert, we are fully conversant with valuations as per the requirements of IFRS 13. Our highly qualified and dedicated professionals are
available to promptly and most efficiently undertake their respective valuation assignments under the provisions of IFRS 13 to the entire satisfaction of
our Valued Clients.
What is IFRS 13 Valuation :
IFRS 13 sets up a single framework for all fair value measurements when fair value is required or permitted by IFRS. IFRS 13 describes how to measure
fair value under IFRS when it is required or permitted by IFRS and does not change when an entity is required to use fair value.
Principal Impact of IFRS 13 Valuation :
For real estate entities, the adoption of IFRS 13 could result in significant changes to processes and procedures for determining fair value and providing
the required disclosures. The fair value framework set out in IFRS 13 contains specific requirements relating to ‘highest and best use’, valuation premise,
and principal market. This may require entities and their appraisers to re-evaluate their methods, processes and procedures for determining fair value.


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